Fort Wayne Police Department
Fort Wayne Police Department
Emergencies Call: 911
Non-Emergencies: (260) 427-1222
report drug house

FWPD Career Information

Selection Process
The selection process for all candidates includes the successful completion of: An application for employment with the City of Fort Wayne's...

Basic Recruit Applicant Testing Process
1st Step: Physical Fitness Test - Sit-ups: 25 (in one minute or less) - Push-ups: 21 ("male-style" without stopping ) - Vertical jump: 14"...

Career Opportunities
The following are considered merit ranks within the Fort Wayne Police Department. Sergeant Lieutenant The Mayor may make...

Employment Standards
General Standards Pre-Employment Physical Fitness Test - Sit-ups: 25 or more (in one minute or less) - Push-ups: 21 or more ("male-style"...

Probationary Officer Pay: (First Year) $44,121 Patrol Officer Pay: (After First Year) $49,024 Second Shift Bonus: $3,300.00 Third Shift...

Vacation: 6 months - 1 year of service: 7 days per year 1 year - 3 years of service: 12 days per year 4 years - 5 years of service: 18...

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